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SBE Chapter 14 - CT & Western MA

Strategies and Solutions for Disaster Recovery for Digital Television Stations

March 19th 7pm (dinner at 6:30pm)
Comark Communications LLC, 104 Feeding Hills Road, Southwick, MA 01077

Joe Turbolski, Director of Sales Operations for Comark Communications LLC, will give a presentation on disaster recovery for DTV stations.

Even in today's highly connected broadband wireless world, broadcasters often times are the best means for communication to the public during times of emergency and crisis. As evidenced in past terrorism and high profile weather events, wireless networks are unable to handle the capacity requirements proving that broadcast is still the best solution. Comark will present strategies and solutions on disaster recovery to help ensure your digital broadcast signal stays on air and keeps your community of license connected with important information. They will also demonstrate their newest CMX-5000 encoder and low power TV transmitter family.



Important Update for Sage Endec Users

Courtesy of Jeff Hugabonne and Chuck Dube:

Sage Digital ENDECs did not receive the weekly test messages from FEMA on Monday, January 13. This was not a problem with IPAWS. A security certificate used to authenticate IPAWS messages has expired in the ENDEC. This will keep your ENDEC from receiving IPAWS CAP messages. You must install a small update in your ENDEC to re-enable IPAWS messages. Downloading and installing the update will take only a few minutes.

Mark your logs to note that you are aware that the RWT was missed, and that it was an equipment problem that has been corrected with a firmware update.

Additional information can be found at



Police have recently apprehended a pair of individuals who allegedly have been responsible for the theft of copper from multiple CT telecommunications and utility sites. Reportedly both individuals have familiarity with transmitter sites and were caught with a list of CT tower sites in their vehicle. The list contained notes about various sites, some of which had already been visited.

Reportedly these guys were very thorough and would take advantage of holidays to scout out and hit sites. They were spotted on Christmas Eve and caught on video on 12/26 apparently doing reconnaissance at two separate CT sites.

Bloomfield P.D. is looking to gather as much evidence against these guys as possible so if you have CCTV at your site please check your recordings around 12/24 and 12/26 to see if you've been visited. If you have video, or if you have recently had a problem with copper theft let me know and I will send you the Bloomfield PD contact info.

This is a good time to take a second look at the security at your site. Here are some suggestions:

--Using the same code or key for multiple tenants or multiple sites can be problematic.
Here's one of many possible solutions.

--Installing "Posted - No Trespassing" signs around the property is very helpful as it allows law enforcement to arrest people for trespassing on the first offense.

--Thieves hate CCTV cameras. Internet-accessible DVRs are inexpensive these days. Many provide for email notification of alarm conditions.

--Don't forget the deterrent effect of proper lighting.

--Copper grounding buss bars are popular targets due to their weight and the ease of removal. Security screws area available to make it harder for them to be removed. Tessco and other firms offer some interesting alternatives including copper clad steel plates and lock boxes for ground plates.
--Talk to your local law enforcement about the problem and ask for special attention to your site if possible.

Chapter Election Results!

Elections took place at our December meeting.

Fred Krampits - Chair
Ryan Krupa - Co-chair
John Ramsey - Sec/Treasurer


Chapter Nominations:
We are accepting nominations for the positions of chair, co-chair and sec/treasurer.
Candidates must currently be chapter members.
We are also looking for two members to sit on the Election Committee this fall. The workload is minimal (<30 minutes) but the job is very important as the Committee is tasked with monitoring the election process to make sure it is done properly and fairly.

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